Šiandien minima Pasaulio cepelinų diena

American Lithuanian Juozas Vaičiūnas in 2014. implemented the initiative to start celebrating World Zeppelin Day (the first Sunday of February) in all countries of the world. On this day, everyone is encouraged to cook and enjoy zeppelins with their families.

Although the origin of zeppelin is a matter of debate, Lithuanians all over the world associate dižkukulia with the national Lithuanian cuisine.

Cepelini have been made in two ways for a long time - from boiled and raw potato dough. 18th century researcher of potato dishes, Antoine Augustinas Permentier in his 1779 in the book "The way of making bread from potatoes" presents various ways of using potatoes, among which the production of potato "bread" is described. According to him, potato dough was invented by the Irish around 1740, after using potatoes instead of other vegetables (turnips, pumpkins), which, in order to save grain and reduce the cost of the dish, were mixed into bread.

Raw potato pasta products are most popular in Northern Germany.

Zeppelins appeared in Lithuania 100-150 years ago. It is believed that in Žemaitia they could have originated from German Lithuania Minor, and in other parts of Lithuania - through Lithuanian Jews who had close ties with the Jewish communities of North Germany.


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